Every person’s story is a microcosmic enactment of God’s eternal story, a portrayal of His relationship with humanity. Written with a cathartic tone, this sibling story reveals an adventurous testimony of the presence of God over the entire course off a lifetime. It is a testimony of developing faith and struggle for identity, personal acceptance, and self-liberation.

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Have you considered writing your story? If yes, what is holding you back from getting it done? The written word is a testimony to the human experience in a given period of time. Each of our lives represents a single chapter with many verses and multiple storylines, filled with old testaments and new. It will be difficult, no doubt, first to get started and then to finish. Just know that your story is a growth journey, either fruitful and purposeful or stunted and stuck. Either way it deserves to be told.

I took the steps to begin writing my story back in 2015. I had participated in a collaborative project shortly after leaving my corporate career behind. That particular book, Motherhood, Dreams and Success, was my first venture into the world of self-publishing.

This book, I Wanna See Laney’s House, is a personal triumph. The structure of the book was crafted post-it-note by post-it-note on my bedroom wall. I had to dig deep to overcome inner obstacles. I had periods when I simply could not write, the words refusing to flow, my mind refusing to process difficult emotions.

Finally at the end of 2018, three years from the very first set of post-it-notes, I submitted the manuscript. Wow, how good that felt! After the editing process, it felt even better when I got the email saying the book was ready to go to print. I hope you read and enjoy my chapter of God’s eternal story. I encourage you to write your own.

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