Cultivating Change from the Inside Out:
The Power of Being Human

I am excited to announce my second solo book releasing in January 2021. This book was written during the COVID-19 pandemic and the call for justice, specifically after the killing of George Floyd. It’s a time when the nation finds itself under siege from two viruses—one biological and the other systemic. It will be available as a kindle series in addition to the print version.

I dedicate this book to the proposition that racism lies in the hearts and minds of people and rooting it out systemically requires self-examination and change from within. It is presented through the lens of life coaching, built on a foundation of appreciation, strengths-based development, and cultivating change.

Cultivating Change from the Inside Out
Features 6 Keys to Nurture, Grow and Empower Your Life:
» Know Yourself
» Nurture Your Life
» Integrate Your Life
» Connect with Others
» Live Intentionally
» Seize Opportunity

Values to Live By
Walk by faith, knowing why you trust and believe.
Move with vision, purpose and action.
Nurture family and community relationships.
Reflect on transitions, choices and outcomes.
And just know it’s all personal and unique.
Continuously improve and navigate,
Go big to build, inspire and give.
Create with wisdom and no limits.
Allow fluid living to shape your life.
And just know you’ll leave behind a powerful legacy.